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Silky Lace Black Kimono Sleepwear Robe

Silky Lace Black Kimono Sleepwear Robe

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Silky Lace Black Kimono Sleepwear Robe

Dare to be daring with the Silky Lace Black Kimono Sleepwear Robe! This luxurious robe is adorned with silky, seductive lace, offering the perfect blend of comfort and style. Indulge in a night of celestial bliss as you envelop yourself in its sumptuously soft fabric. 

  • Embellished with silky, seductive lace
  • Made of luxurious polyester fiber
  • Mid-length skirt and loose waist for ease of movement
  • Package includes night gown, belt, and underwear
  • Available in four captivating colors: red, purple, green, and black

This sleepwear robe is designed for those who seek both comfort and style. The soft, silky lace fabric ensures a gentle feel against the skin, while the loose waist and mid-length skirt provide freedom of movement. Whether you're lounging or getting ready for bed, this robe is the perfect choice.

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